Jersey, AKC# SR79204102. One of Jersey's defining features is her light brown eyes. Her disposition is very kind hearted and friendly. She loves to play with other dogs and will go out of her way to help any dog that is in a kennel to escape. She loves to run wild and free. She likes her ears scratched. Jersey is a big lover of food. Just the sound or smell of food will get her undivided attention.




Say hello to Mae, born 6/30/12, AKC# SR73736104. Mae is such an amazing, sweet girl. She is always looking around to find someone to love on. She is smart and always excited to learn new things.

Mae is enjoying retirement!



Rosie AKC #SR91130908  is the daughter Scout and Duke. Rosie is a very sweet and beautiful girl with a thick, curly, deep red coat. She is very curious and loves to explore but is also so good to stay right by your side.