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Paul and Janie

About our Kennel

Our mission is to breed happy, healthy, beautiful Golden Retrievers that will live a life of adventures and give joy and love to all those that love them back.  

Welcome to our retriever family 

The Red Canyon Retriever Difference 

“There is nothing like doing what you love and feel passionate about everyday.”​
Paul and Janie have enjoyed their journey as they have built a beautiful line of healthy golden retrievers and quality companions as experienced breeders, for over twenty four years.

Paul is a Therapist by profession and has used some of these skills in working with their goldens to feel safe and nurtured so that they in turn can love and care for their new families. Retrievers also come with a unique innate sense for the emotional well-being and needs of others, as is a special quality to their breed and is in large part why Red Canyon Retrievers was created.
Janie has a background in the medical field and has used this knowledge to maintain an excellent standard of care for each and every one of their dogs. She spends her days, loving their beautiful Goldens.  Cleanliness, health checks, nutrition, grooming and ensuring that every retriever is well cared for is of highest priority.  She also enjoys taking pictures of their beautiful dogs and puppies.  One of her favorite things is to help match families to their dream puppy, with the help of puppy pictures, videos and individual descriptions of temperament and personalities, it becomes a match made in heaven!  
“It is our goal as a Red Canyon Retrievers family to share our love of these amazing companions with you. We find so much fulfillment in being able to meet new families and hand off a beautiful, healthy pup into their care. We love seeing our pups grow and bless the lives of the families they are placed with. We love seeing the faces of our new families as they meet their puppy for the first time”. 

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Contact Us

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