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How to buy a Red Canyon Retriever

If you are interested in adopting to one of our Golden Retrievers, please follow these steps to get your name on the wait list:
  1. Fill out a puppy application. We will send you a response email.
  2. We can schedule a phone visit for any questions that you have.
  3. If we feel that you would be a good fit for one of our puppies you will be required to put a deposit on your puppy.
  4. We will put you on our wait list where you will be notified of all upcoming litters before social posting.
  5. Once you choose a puppy we will coordinate payment of remaining balance and schedule a pick up time for your puppy.
To make a deposit or to pay for a puppy we accept the following methods of payment:
  • Cash or Cashiers Check
  • Venmo - janie-arnold-2 
  • Zelle - 4355316055

Frequently asked questions

  • Where are we located?
    • We are located in Cedar City, Utah, US​
  • How will you get your puppy?
    • We will arrange to meet you for pickup as the time approaches.  We travel to Las Vegas NV, Fillmore UT, and Richfield UT each litter to meet those that are driving or flying in for pickup.  We are also happy to meet you if you are drive a great distance.      
  • Can you visit our kennel?
    • We have had many requests to visit our kennel. In the past, we have enjoyed meeting families​ but due to the amount of requests that we receive we simply cannot accommodate that many visits as it interferes with our ability to care for our dogs.  It is also very hard on our new mothers to have visitors, they are very puppy protective.    
  • How long do people wait on our wait list?
    • It depends on what you are looking for but typically between three and four months.
  • Are deposits refundable?
    • No, deposits are not refundable.​ 
  • Do you have to take the next available puppy if you are next on the wait list?
    • No, you can choose to pass and you will keep your spot in line on the wait list.​  We enjoy helping match each puppy to their new families.  We will help you though this process with pictures, personality and temperament descriptions.
  • Do puppies come with AKC breeding rights?
    • Puppies come with an AKC limited registration.  Meaning; the puppy will be registered with AKC but not given future breeding rights.
  • How much is the deposit?
    • The initial deposit is $800​, with the balance due at the time of Puppy pick up. (Please submit an application for pricing info.)  
  • What should you expect when you receive your puppy?
    • We will give your puppy it's first set of vaccinations.​
    • We have removed dew claws.
    • They have been dewormed at four weeks old and at seven weeks old.
    • AKC papers and your puppy pedigree.
    • Food and vitamin recommendation.
  • What happens if your puppy has health problems?
    • In the event that your Red Canyon Retriever has a serious health problem that is linked to a genetic issue, we do not guarantee financial compensation for your elected decision of treatment. However, if you contact Red Canyon Retrievers and consult PRIOR to incurring any medical cost, we will consult with our team, including our Veterinarian to seek recommendations for best treatment options. We will not reimburse any Veterinary cost incurred other than costs that have received prior approval from the Red Canyon Retriever Team. The maximum that we will reimburse will be the cost of your puppy.
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