Meet our
handsome boys 




Duke is so very sweet. He loves to hold his bowl in his mouth when he sees me coming. He gives fantastic hugs! He is a gentle lion that loves people.

Truly an amazing boy!

AKC# SR78917101 

OFA Health Certified 



Ruger is very friendly. He is muscular, active, athletic, strong and playful.  His favorite thing to do is to play fetch, he could do it all day! He loves the mountains and loves all the sounds of nature. He is such a handsome boy!

AKC# SR94756101 

OFA Health Certified

Big Ben


This is our Big Ben!  Ben is just full of fun!  He is so sweet and loving,  He loves to run and play fetch.  He is friendly to everyone he meets.  His favorite human is Paul!  If Paul is around, he pretends not to see anyone else. :)

Ben is truly a big sweetheart! 

AKC# SS09675501


Meet our
beautiful girls 



Rosie is the daughter Scout and Duke. Rosie is a very sweet and beautiful girl with a thick, curly, deep red coat. She is very curious and loves to explore but is also so good to stay right by your side.

AKC #SR91130908


Belle is just so beautiful! She loves to be around people and make new friends. She has an calm and comforting personality.  She loves playing in the water. She has a beautiful dark red coat and just the sweetest eyes. 

(Belle is owned and love by my son and his family)   




Rae is the daughter of Mae and Duke.  Rae is our beautiful bright-eyed girl. She has a deep red, thick coat and smaller features. She enjoys the outdoors and running in open fields. It is always important to her that she stays close to us. She's attentive, always checking to make sure that we are in her sight. She is sweet and extremely loving and nurturing.

AKC# SR92953601



Mia is our beautiful, playful girl. She is athletic and loves to run and explore. She loves to cuddle and rest her head on your lap and just hang out. She is spunky and so fun to be outside with.

(Mia is owned and loved by

my son and his family) 



Poppy is so loving and tender hearted. She is not only beautiful but she is gentle and obedient and loves people! She loves giving hugs & kisses.  She will walk by your side without being distracted.  She is the daughter of

Mae and Duke. 

AKC # SS15753404



Violet is so loving and sweet.  She love to be right by my side. She would rather be chilling and just keeping me company then heading out for an adventure.  She loves helping us feed the cows but when she gets to the chickens, she has something else in mind...  She is the daughter of Mae and Duke, and sister to Poppy. 

AKC #  SS15753401



Taffy-Moon is very loving. She loves to run and play. She will run down the field but she has to stop continually to jump and turn and catch air!  Chasing a ball is the ultimate adventure and she will play until she is out of breath.  She is such a good girl and loves being a mommy!  

AKC# SS02578803



Annie is amazing!  She is the daughter of Jersey and Ruger.  She has a dark red gorgeous coat and dark eyeliner and long eyelashes.  She is such a beautiful girl!  Annie is like her daddy, Ruger, she loves to run and to be adventurous.  She loves being outside and watching all the things that go on at our ranch.  Annie is a sweetheart and a has such a willingness to learn.  

AKC# SS15758701



Jazz is stunning to look at.  She is elegant and graceful and presents herself as a regal golden!  She has a personality to match.  She is calm and loves to make all feel welcome.  She is so easy going and just happy to be right where she is. She loves her ears rubbed and will make such good eye contact with you while you are talking to her.  She has a beautiful red coat and big beautiful eyes.  

AKC# SS10253408


Skye is full of fun!  She loves water and getting wet as often as she can.  If her golden friends are relaxing, she will start the fun with her energy and excitement to play!  She is the life of the party.  She is sweet and so lovable!  Skye is beautiful and has such a dark red coat.  She has beautiful eyes!

AKC # SS09635001



This is our adorable Robin, she is so attentive and loving, smart and playful and loves to watch for birds.  She has an amazing dark coat and is just so beautiful! She loves running in the open fields but will never be too far from our side.  She gets this look when she is listening for instructions. She is such a pleaser and is always eager to learn new words and tricks.

AKC# SS04123301