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Puppy Preparation and Care

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Useful supplies we recommend for new puppy owners:

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Golden Retriever in a dog crate

This crate is great for transitioning and learning boundaries. Use with positive reinforcement.

Golden Retriever laying on puppy blanket

Creates a soft barrier to protect furniture or in the car.

Dog teething toy pack

A great variety of teething toys.

dog toothpaste and brush

For routine cleaning and tartar control.

Golden Retriever in a  exercise dog pen

When they are young it creates a safe environment for play.

Golden Retriever laying on a dog bed

Even dogs need a soft place to land.

Dog deshedding comb

Great for reducing fur in your home.

Dog ear rinse and cleanse

Great to use during bath time.

Golden Retriever laying on a  reusable pee pad

Great for protecting your floor. Different sizes for your needs. Washable.

dog  teething toy

These are almost indestructible. Can fill with fun treats.

dog grooming brush

Self cleaning brush for deshedding.

Golden Retriever couch cover

Water resistant couch protector.

Vitamins & Wellness

Your puppy has been given a daily high-quality vitamin called Nuvet Plus K-9 powder since the time of weaning. We sprinkle in half of a scoop, once per day. This is the only vitamin we use and trust. We also recommend using the Nujoint Plus joint support supplement. To place an order with Nuvet you will need a breeder code, our breeder code is 79263.

Dog K-9 Powder

Vitamin for puppies and adults.

Dog Nujoint Plus

Additional life-long joint support.

Dog Oatmeal Shampoo

Effective and gentle shampoo.

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